The Doolittle Home

About The Doolittle

Outstanding Care and Peace of Mind

Care decisions for your parents or older relatives are complex and can be overwhelming. We understand your need to provide the best care for your loved ones today and for the remainder of their days with a variety of care options. At The Doolittle Home we ease the burden of that decision – ensuring quality care for your loved one and peace of mind for you and other family members.

The Doolittle Home, located at 16 Bird Street in Foxboro, was chartered in 1915 and reorganized as a public charity in 1974. While the Home offers a variety of entry plans, most residents are life care occupants of the Home. Once they qualify physically and financially, the full amenities of the Home – including the fully accredited nine-bed nursing unit – are available throughout the lifetime of the resident without additional cost regardless of any change in physical or financial condition. The family has peace of mind knowing their loved one will receive quality care for the remainder of his/her life.

Local Management with a Personal touch

Unlike many retirement facilities and nursing homes these days, The Doolittle Home is privately and independently managed by a volunteer board of local officers and trustees. Trustees enjoy a social hour with the residents prior to each board meeting. Trustees are regular participants in many of the residents’ activities. Trustees know the residents and the staff.

The Doolittle Home is a non-profit organization organized under section 501 c (3) of the IRS code. As such, The Doolittle Home must demonstrate outside support through donations, a general solicitation and fund-raising activities and must provide care at a lower cost than could be obtained on the open market. Residents must also be afforded some sense of financial security and in the case of life care residents; funds must be available to continue those services even beyond depletion of the individual’s upfront payments. The Doolittle Home maintains a reserve to fund the care for the life of all residents.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

The Doolittle Home received the highest rating in Massachusetts for personal care provided to residents. This distinction is based on the 2007 Massachusetts Department of Public Health Satisfaction Survey mailed to families of residents for 439 facilities. Our rating for personal care was 4.92 out of a possible 5.00 and the state average was 4.17. The Doolittle Home also topped the state with a 4.91 rating (state average of 4.08) for its physical facilities. Overall, The Doolittle Home was the fourth highest ranked facility in the state with an overall satisfaction rating of 4.95 among the 439 facilities in the survey. The Doolittle Home surpassed the state average in every category.

The Doolittle Home State Average
Overall Satisfaction 4.95 4.19
Residents Needs Met 4.79 4.06
Administrative, Personal Care Staff 4.79 4.17
Physical Environment 4.91* 4.08
Activities 4.44 3.83
Personal Care 4.92* 4.17
Food and Meals 4.76 3.92
Protecting Resident’s Rights 4.85 4.08

* Highest rating in Massachusetts

According to Joanne Pratt, Past President, “These survey results are a great source of pride and satisfaction, as the survey measured what we do for our residents on a daily basis, around the clock, day in and day out, throughout the year. This survey validates our continuing commitment to provide services to the highest standards in the industry. We know the standards are high because, as this survey indicates, we set them.”

In the most recent inspection by the Massachusetts Department of Health, The Doolittle Home received a deficiency-free rating.