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Rates and Fees

Life Care Contract

Our unique Life Care contract is based on a single initial payment plus the individual's monthly Social Security and/or pension. This initial payment is calculated based on the person's age at entry, health care and actuarial life expectancy.

Residents enjoy financial security in knowing that no additional funds will be required, and that housing and medical needs will be met regardless of any change in health status. Our Life Care agreement means care for life, a commitment that is not altered by any increased longevity the resident may enjoy.

Central to financial arrangements for Life Care residency is that initial up-front payment based on present day value of the money, a portion of which is refundable if the individual does not remain at The Doolittle Home through the anticipated life expectancy.

Occasionally, we have a qualified and deserving applicant who meets all criteria for admission with the exception of being able to make full financial commitment required for admission.

Through the generosity of the late Evelyn Thomas and the charitable support of outside donations, we are able to offer deserving applicants limited financial assistance toward the Life Care payment. If, during the application process, it becomes known that assistance is required, a committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

Residency Program

Under the Residency Program, residents make payments on a monthly basis without obligation. Our monthly rates vary depending on room size and location in the Home. Unlike other facilities, residents in the Home under the Residency Plan are not charged any additional fees for assistance required. They enjoy the same facilities and meals as the residents on Life Care and they also receive supervision of their medications. If additional assistance is needed to perform personal care routines or to participate in activities, it is part of the Residency Plan – not an additional fee for those residing in our retirement unit. If nursing care becomes necessary, it is available in our fully accredited Nursing Unit for an additional fee.

Respite Care

Respite care is billed on a weekly basis with extra days prorated.

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