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Residency Program

Under The Doolittle Residency Plan, elders who are at least 65 years of age, ambulatory, and pass the entrance physical examination are able to enter The Doolittle Home for a monthly fee. The Residency Plan enables residents to enjoy the safety of medical supervision and the social aspects of the home in addition to a comfortable room and all meals in the dining room. Loved ones are now able to ensure care of their elder in the elegant surroundings of The Doolittle Home with our attentive staff for less than the cost of most nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

Under the Residency Plan, residents can remain in the Home as long as their health and finances allow. Unlike other facilities, residents in the Home under the Residency Plan are not charged any additional fees for assistance required. They enjoy the same facilities and meals as the residents on Life Care and they also receive supervision of their medications. If additional assistance is needed to perform personal care routines or to participate in activities, it is part of the Residency Plan – not an additional fee for those residing in our retirement unit. If nursing care becomes necessary, it is available in our fully accredited Nursing Unit for an additional fee.

According to The Doolittle Home Past President Joanne Pratt, "The national economic crisis encouraged the Board of Trustees to consider admissions options for those who want and need the comfort and security of The Doolittle Home in their later years but may not be able to afford the full Life Care option. The Residency Plan is the perfect opportunity to reach another segment of the senior community with our high quality services. This will enable more seniors to experience retirement with a difference – The Doolittle difference."

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